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The ESWC 2012 conference ended with a bang for me and the rest of the W4RA team: We were awarded the Best Poster Award for our poster “Bringing the Web of Data to Developing Countries: Linked Market Data in the Sahel”. You can find the poster abstract here and the poster itself here. This is especially nice for two reasons.

First of all, we spent this year’s VU Semantic Web Outing learning about desiging good posters and afterwards we took this poster as an example. The winning poster is very much a collaborative effort of everybody at the VU Semantic Web groups. Thank you all for your effort.

Secondly, a goal of the poster is to get a community of peers interested in issues and applications of Linked Data for “Warm Countries”. I hope that this prize and the publicity will help realize this.

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I am a researcher mainly interested in : architectures for publishing, consuming and preserving Linked Open Data in low-resource contexts; complex systems; education; data visualisation; video games

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