Reading list for May 2014

As usual, here are some interesting things to look at this month. This was actually a rather busy month so less time for reading…

  • In “What We Learnt at Making it Matter” Marieke Guy, looks back at the outcome of the break-out sessions of “Making it Matter”. Three questions where raised: “What real world problems are there related to education in the developing world that could potentially be solved by data and technology solutions?”, “What data is out there and what data could be released to aid education in the developing world?”, “Next Steps – what are we going to do?”. It appears there is a clear need for more relevant, quality, data and also a lack of matching infrastructures to make the best out of it. Having optimised hardware and software that can work under constrained conditions, better trained teachers and tailored data useful for the training (and about the learning progress) will be a key to a better education in underprivileged countries.
  • We organised another event here in Amsterdam to discuss different perspectives over ICT4D and see how computer science researchers could help. Victor wrote a nice report about the event which is available on this blog as well as on other places (here, for instance).


I am a researcher mainly interested in : architectures for publishing, consuming and preserving Linked Open Data in low-resource contexts; complex systems; education; data visualisation; video games

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