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Two new publications !

We just got two new papers out. The first one entitled “Let’s “Downscale” Linked Data” explains what our community is up to, the second one “The Entity Registry System: Publishing and Consuming Linked Data in Poorly Connected Environments “ takes

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Reading list for March 2014

Here are some interesting things to have a look at: In a entertaining long post entitled “Bar des Sciences: Débat sur le Big Data”, Arthur Charpentier explains how “big data” makes theories obsoletes. Take a huge amount of data, and

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WorldWideSemanticWeb in the e-Data Magazine

The WorldWideSemanticWeb community is mentioned in the October issue (page 6) of the KNAW’s E-Data and Research magazine issued by DANS. The article, in Dutch, is based on an article wrote by Stefan Schlobach, Victor de Boer and myself (Christophe Guéret)

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First steps into DownScaling the Semantic Web

The first workshop on Downscaling the Semantic Web took place on May 28 during the Extended Semantic Web Conference in Heraklion.Following the initial public recognition the idea of DownScaling the Semantic Web received and a initial set of related initiatives (Voices, SemanticXO, …), the goal of this workshop were to: bootstrap a community around this research topic, more precisely identify the challenges to overcome and assess the current situation. We accepted 7 contributions and had a lot of interesting discussions during this day.

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A world wide access to the Semantic Web

Our current mind set as Semantic Web engineers is to focus on centralized and very powerful solutions centered (and depending on …) around Web hosted servers and (mobile) clients accessing it. As a direct consequence of that, the usage of

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